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Flowers & Diffusers

Inspired by the idea of visualizing perfume, but not literally perfume, the water inside are pigmented water to resemble perfume, our designer Lilian Kan arrange the flowers in a way imaging the sweet odor bursting from the bottle.


And you can actually smell the sweet scent from our flowers like a lively blooming rose , according to your need, scented ones and unscented ones are both available.


Being a fashion designer, Lilian designs the flower arrangements like she designs clothes, playing with colour harmonically, adding elements like glitter and gold glaze, crystals and pearls, the flower arrangement resembles a beautiful dress apart from the enchanting scenery itself provide.


KanaLili use preserved flowers selected from the highest quality. the flowers are manufactured in Japan. Preserved flower, are also known as "immortalized flower", it’s first introduced in France in 1991.


They do not need to water to maintain it’s beautiful outlook, while they can last for two to three years. Le Parfum is a beautiful decoration for home and office, and a perfect alternative way to give flowers than the traditional ones, give it to your lover, your best friends, your family and any one you want to impress by upgrading their spaces with this beautiful and chic flower arrangement.

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